How to Make Social Bookmarking Work For Your Business?

How to Make Social Bookmarking Work For Your Business
How to Make Social Bookmarking Work For Your Business

Description: Social Bookmarking is an internet service that enables users to add, edit, and share web bookmarks of different web documents with other users. It is based on the traditional web browser bookmarks system that enables you to store a set of bookmarks on your computer and then use them to share them with other people. Since early days, many social bookmarking services have been launched; most widely popularized by Delicious, which became famous because of its ability to store bookmarks in a manner very similar to the desktop version of your web browser. These services allow users to categorize and tag web pages that they want to share with others; so, for example, if someone wants to look up all the pictures on the web for Thanksgiving, all he has to do is run a search using “holidays” as the keyword. He will be presented with a list of web pages related to Thanksgiving, so if he likes any of them, he can click on it and have the picture of Thanksgiving shown on his screen.

This is just one way of sharing the information with others. There are many other methods like comment buttons, submissions to web news forums, votes on different websites, discussion forums, polls, and even news flashes. The concept of social bookmarking started when a person realized that by using the same technology that he used to save his bookmarks on his computer, he can also make it available for others to view. This method is known as social bookmarking. Today, there are many websites that help one learn more about social bookmarking; such as Reddit, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Propeller, SocialMarker, and others.

The biggest advantage of social bookmarking over other SEO techniques is that it is completely free of cost. So, even if your blog or website is not generating enough revenue, you can still make use of it for social bookmarking. Another great thing about this technique is that it can be easily incorporated with other SEO techniques for better results. If done correctly, your website can start appearing at the top results pages of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN within three months.

There are many reasons why your website should appear at the top results pages of the search engine results pages. One advantage of social bookmarking sites is that they help in increasing your traffic. This happens because visitors that find your website through these social bookmarking sites are more likely to be searching for the type of information that you provide. They are thus more likely to visit your site.

One more advantage of social bookmarking over other traditional SEO techniques is that it can boost your brand image. When people find links to your web page on social bookmarking sites, they often click on them thinking that the site belongs to a popular brand. In turn, your brand name will spread through the web. This could increase your sales, which can eventually lead to increased profits. In effect, social bookmarking could be a good source of organic SEO for your business.

The best thing about using social bookmarking to optimize your site for the search engines is that you can get back links to your web page from other websites. This will help in getting higher rankings in the search results. The higher rankings in the search results lead to more traffic to your web page and ultimately, more customers. Of course, you need to ensure that you submit your website URL to all the proper directories.

In conclusion, we have discussed how social bookmarking can be an effective SEO technique. You can also opt to utilize paid advertising to help get a higher rank in the results pages. However, the results of both methods differ greatly. In short, SEO is a long term strategy that is bound to work but paid advertising is a one time investment that will yield higher ranking in the long run.

To sum it up, social bookmarking can help you build an impressive social media presence in no time. You can use this presence to promote your website, increase your search engine ranking and get a higher rank in the search engines. While this might seem like a very complicated process, it is easy if you have good SEO company providing you with effective services. You should also remember that you can gain most out of it only if you are willing to take advantage of the resources and information provided by the professionals. In other words, you need to invest some time to improve your social bookmarking site’s SEO capabilities.


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