Meet Trish Regan, The New York Times Best Female Journalist

Meet Trish Regan, The New York Times Best Female Journalist
Meet Trish Regan, The New York Times Best Female Journalist

Trish Regan is a conservative American talk show host and author. She was formerly host of Trish Regan Live, which aired on the Fox Business Network. Her book, The Gone Boy, was a New York Times bestseller. Since then she has also written a series of highly successful books regarding families, parenting, marriage and divorce, and business. Her articles in many prominent publications are often controversial in conservative circles, but are extremely helpful to women who want better husbands and boyfriends.

I got to know Trish when I read her book The Gone Girl. Her style of interviewing is informal and thoughtful. She is able to get inside the minds of her subjects without condescending or dismissing them as shallow, because she does it naturally and compassionately. Her interviews are always engaging, interesting, and informative. In this book, she tackles relationship problems related to broken relationships, dealing with children leaving home, and dealing with guilt.

When I listened to Trish’s first interview for the show, it was fascinating to hear her describe her upbringing, what brought her to New York, and how she overcame that. The interview opened with a factual account of her childhood, her mother’s death, her years working as a nanny, and how she came to be a book writer and interview show host. Later in the show, she spoke about growing up in a patriarchal society where the men are in power and the women are at the bottom. Although she was not very politically correct in her childhood, she said she felt empowering while making her own decisions. She was surprised that so many people associate women with caring and nurturing, but that these same associations are often made by men to prevent themselves from being accused of fueling the “man-cession.”

After the first two trimester of her third trimester, Trish was asked to do some more talk show interviews. Her first appearance on the show was in an interview alongside fellow talk show hosts Wendy Darling and Kate O’Brien. They spoke candidly about a number of current events, including President Obama’s re-election and the looming sequester. It was a good way to get her more established, since her three shows in the past had been great efforts. But, after an impressive performance on the Wendy and Kate show, her next appearances on the popular Today Show were not quite as successful.

After a few months of promoting her book, she finally decided it was time to do a press conference to promote her memoir. Instead of speaking with a reporter, she spoke to the assembled media about her book and her experiences in interviewing political and other figures. She spoke about how the press can help empower women by giving them a voice. She encouraged women to go into politics and become future leaders, since it is an industry that continues to prosper even when there are fewer women in power. As she always says, “If you believe in yourself, and if you’re willing to work for it, anything is possible.”

Surprisingly, Trish was asked back on her first show for an interview by CNN’s anchor Kat Carney. This would be surprising, given that Trish’s last interview with CNN had been just before the midterm elections were held. The fact that she was being interviewed by a woman reporter, however, did not disappoint people who were skeptical that she might jump ship and go to the new media once again. In fact, it seems that she is very much a political creature herself. She referred to herself as a “wannabe journalist,” and she repeatedly said that the book is her “third book of mine.”

After being interviewed by several prominent columnists, politicians, and experts, Trish received numerous thank you notes from people. Perhaps this is due to her new-found status as a political reporter. No doubt, it helped that she kept her eye on all things political while doing her interviews. It was refreshing to hear her speak about being a female journalist, given that many female reporters are not. She also was careful not to sound too much like an expert, even though she often times is used as an expert in her shows.

While some criticized her performance during her appearance on CNN, others praised her for being honest and speaking her mind, even if those views were different than those held by other pundits. Whatever the reason, it is clear that Trish Regan is not ready to lay down the pen and paper, but rather needs to hone her interviewing skills. It seems that she will continue to do so as long as there are political shows on television. Perhaps one day, she will be able to turn the page and write her own book, but for now, she will continue to be a valuable commodity on CNN.


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