New Marketing Trends For 2021

New Marketing Trends For 2021
New Marketing Trends For 2021

Marketing trends change all the time but the one that seems to be changing the most is social media marketing. If you are not already taking full advantage of this platform, then you are behind your competitors and missing out on some great opportunities. The key is to stay flexible, keep track of what consumers need and want, and pivot based upon that. In order to help you with this process we have done the research for you and created a top marketing trends for next year.

New marketing trends in the digital space center around mobile apps and user generated content. This is largely due to consumers moving away from PC’s and toward their smart phones. Now marketers must work to ensure that their app fits well with consumers and their lifestyles to create maximum engagement and profit potential.

Another one of the new marketing trends for the digital age is content marketing trends. Content marketing is simply sharing information about your product, service, or brand with the intention of attracting new customers or increasing your existing customer base. This has been around for awhile but the rise in social media usage combined with consumers becoming more aware of brands via search will push content marketing to the top of the new marketing trends list. It is also a good idea to integrate video into your content marketing efforts as it can further boost engagement and brand recognition.

Video marketing is another one of the new marketing trends. This is largely a pay-per-click effort but does have a measurable impact on your bottom line. Marketers are discovering that a well thought out video description can significantly impact the performance of their campaign. Videos should be used as a way to introduce your products, services, and call to action.

Another emerging trend is B2B marketing. This includes companies such as hotels, restaurants, call centers, bookstores, etc. These businesses are seeing tremendous benefits by embracing B2B marketing trends. These businesses now have the opportunity to take advantage of the growing consumer demand for personalized services and products while reducing their marketing budget.

Perhaps the most important of the new marketing trends is the new breed of social media which includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc., which are basically creating a buzz surrounding your product, service, or brand. Recently I read an interesting article on this at The Wall Street Journal called “How Twitter Is Changing Marketing,” which explained why the trend of giving away stuff for free is now dead. The Wall Street Journal also noted that Google’s new offering, the Keyword Search Tool, is starting to kill the free keyword buzz. So, when you are tweeting about your product, service, or brand be sure to give people something useful. Many of the most effective social media posts are Digg-like so be sure to give people good information in short form.

Some marketers are beginning to turn away from trying to give away free ebooks or reports in favor of content marketing trends such as blogging, video marketing, podcasting, blogging, submitting articles to article directories, blogging/vlogs, and SEO (search engine optimization). Bloggers/vloggers can keep their audiences engaged with their discussions while Internet marketers can use these platforms to promote their websites, products, and services. When marketers who are not accustomed to SEO use free tools such as article directories, the results can be disastrous. Content marketing allows marketers to be seen as experts in their respective industry while building their brand. Many new website owners and Internet marketers are finding that SEO is easier to do than traditional search engine optimization.

It seems like every week there is another marketing trend that rises to the top of the digital marketing world. In fact, most of these fads are successful in the long term, but the majority of them are doomed to fail in the short term. It’s important for brands to remember that the only way to be successful in the future is to create engaging content that will become classics. Content marketing trends are here to stay. However, brands should also understand that to make the most of digital marketing efforts, they need to invest in improving their reputation, developing a sense of authenticity, and continually engaging customers.


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