Social Bookmarking Tips – How to Increase Traffic Using Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Tips - How to Increase Traffic Using Social Bookmarking
Social Bookmarking Tips - How to Increase Traffic Using Social Bookmarking

The process of social bookmarking is not a complicated one but you would have to ensure that you are taking it seriously. Most people do not take it seriously and instead opt for the most convenient method of submission. This method can be a source of your constant traffic and you will be able to generate income through sales from these pages. To ensure that you do not lose out in this business, you should follow some social bookmarking tips. There are many sites that allow you to submit your website or blog without being noticed by search engines thereby giving you better chances of being indexed.

The first of these social bookmarking tips is to use keywords carefully while submitting your website. It is important that you keep your keywords and the phrases on the first couple of lines. This will help the search engines locate your website easily. You can also use tags with these sites like Digg, Reddit, Mix, Multiply and Propeller. There are others like Delicious, Yahoo answers, Furl and others. Use all the social sites that allow you to list your web pages in order to generate traffic.

The next tip is to create a buzz about your website or blog. By creating a buzz around your pages you can easily get it featured on some of these social sites. For example if you are using Digg you can mention Digg at the end of your submission. If someone else mentions Digg it will start a viral campaign. This is one of the easiest viral marketing methods that you can follow through.

Once you have created a buzz and created links to your web pages then you can start building your personal profile. This should be very interactive, so that other users can interact with you. You can use tags in your personal profile so that you are not penalized by the search engines. For example you can use “love” as a tag in your personal profile instead of “draw”. Using tags is an easy way to build up a good network of followers.

You can also include some of your key skills on your profile page. For example if you are a great decorator then you can add that on your social media site. Let the world know what a fantastic designer you are through your social media page. People will notice you through your social media page and may click on your link to visit your website or blog. Your website can even start getting a lot of traffic from these people who found you via a social bookmarking site.

Another tip is to find top sites that allow you to leave a link back to your site. For example if you have a personal profile and a linked back to your website then you can give people a reason to come to your website. For example you can include a link to your website on your personal profile page, then when you send a friend request or email them they will be redirected to your website. By doing this you will be getting people to click on your link to see what is on your website.

Finally, the final tip that we are going to go over has to do with how you create your viral marketing campaigns. This tip is for the viral campaigns you might run on social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon or Digg. There are many companies that are using viral marketing tactics on these social bookmarking sites to generate a lot of traffic to their websites. These companies are using techniques like writing articles that are highly controversial about their product, then submitting them to popular social bookmarking sites and linking them back to their site or their blog.

This is just one of the tips that you can use to help increase the amount of traffic to your website. The best thing to do, though, is look at the top site in your niche and see what type of content they have to offer and create content based around that. If you find the top site to have an interesting offer, but it is not something that anyone will find interesting, then you need to take a different approach to the offer. Do not simply resubmit the same offer you found on the top site, but do something different that makes you seem unique. As long as you follow these simple Social Bookmarking tips, you should be able to get the ball rolling and begin increasing the number of people visiting your website.


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