Why a Yelp Review Filter Can Benefit Your Business

Why a Yelp Review Filter Can Benefit Your Business
Why a Yelp Review Filter Can Benefit Your Business

Yelp, a local online review website, has become an essential business tool for the hospitality and restaurant industries. Not long ago, the vast majority of small to mid-sized business owners were not aware of their legal rights to use yelp reviews. Because these reviews are based on customer feedback, many times the reviewer has both good and bad experiences. However, there is a potential conflict of interest when a business owner uses a yelp review to promote his own business.

It is important for owners and managers to understand that they have an obligation to remain unbiased. That means that they should refrain from providing reviews that are negative. In fact, some managers have even encouraged their employees to give bad reviews. Why would a manager do this? Because the negative reviews can be considered “word of mouth” for the restaurant and help to spread the word about your poor customer service. Furthermore, the restaurant owner may feel that the reviews are accurate and true since the restaurant is not always mentioned specifically in the review.

This practice, however, is against the spirit of yelp reviews. If you are going to use a review site to help build your business, you have a responsibility to provide a review that is truthful and not promotional. Many small to mid-sized business owners make the mistake of purchasing glowing yelp reviews for their businesses before ever having a chance to visit the restaurant. While it may be fun to spend money on advertising, this practice is not recommended unless the business is on the verge of success.

For the small to mid-sized business owner, it is best to stick with reviewing sites such as Yelp or review sites like Google Local. These two sites provide the local businesses with valuable information without creating a potentially negative business situation. The social media sites are also a great way to interact with customers and become more personal. Yelp can even help local businesses get publicity by providing glowing reviews. As long as the reviews are not blatantly promotional, businesses should be able to use these sites to their advantage.

The biggest problem with some reviews sites is the lack of a strong review filter. Many consumers are uncomfortable using review sites to tell others how they truly feel about a business. The yelp review filter is one of the few review site systems that offer a review system that will block reviews that contain certain terms. The review filter is usually a very good system that keep most negative reviews out of the review system, but some reviews sites still use overly aggressive filtering methods that leave the most positive reviews in the system.

The best review filter will not allow you to post fake reviews. These fake reviews detract from the legitimacy of the business and can make the business appear unprofessional. However, there are still some review filter systems that allow fake reviews to be posted. These review filter systems will not catch all false or spam comments. They will probably catch the most bogus comments but will leave the rest of the information intact. This can lead to misleading information on a yelp business page.

This is why it is important for a yelp business page to be completely free from fake reviews. A business page that allows fake reviews to be posted is not providing an accurate representation of the business. A true yelp business will only allow real visitors to post reviews. Using a social media network to promote a yelp business page prevents visitors from posting fake reviews, which only hurts the credibility of the business.

Some social media networks are working to get this right. Twitter recently started blocking the word “fraud.” Facebook has also stated that they are going to begin to combat fake reviews. Hopefully, these steps will lead to fewer fake yelp reviews and more legitimate visitors. If you want to learn more about how a yelp review filter can help your business, visit the website below.


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